Rethreads by The Clothing Exchange Sydney


This Saturday 19th September, The Clothing Exchange, together with Carriageworks will be hosting Rethreds – a clothing, music and book mass swapathon!

Clothing is your currency at Rethreads – bring your best cast-offs to CarriageWorks on Saturday 19 September, and exchange them for new pieces to reinvigorate your wardrobe, music collection and bookshelf for FREE!

There is no entry fee, and you can take part in this community event for free.

It’s the most GFC-friendly event around – no money changes hands… if you bring 10 pieces, you can swap for 10 pieces.

Please note there is a limit of 20 items of clothing, but unlimited for everything else. This is to ensure quality is upheld and queues do not hinder the day.

Rethreads is the ultimate shopping experience for bargain-hunters, the style-saavy, and the sustainability-conscious. The main event is the clothes swap – an extravaganza of pre-loved fashion, fused with good music and great reads.

The exchange will be divided into three areas, where you can swap clothes for clothes, music for music and books for books.

The best of local music from 2SER, Fbi and an awesome line up of live bands fabricate the soundtrack to your retail therapy. Once you’ve swapped, cruise the intoxicating range of other stalls and chill out in the bar and café.


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