Bris-Vegas, here we come

Last year The Clothing Exchange launched in Adelaide and Perth. The year before than we conquered Sydney. And a few years before that we took on Melbourne. This year we have our sights set on Brisbane. Brisbane, the tropical state, a city of fun, excitement, sand, surf and of course pineapples! (not to mention an amazing array of other amazing summer lovin’ fruit!)

There is actaully so much happening in Brisbane at the moment that we, down south, didn’t realise the hub of activity that is taking over our northern friends! Did you know Peppermint Magazine is based there? The family group of ‘Thousands’ subculture e-newsletters have already set up their 4000 cousins. There are more summer lovin’ music festivals on than you can poke a stick at including; Sunset Sounds on 6th and 7th January, Music by the Sea on 8th-10th January, and Summadayze on 9th January. There has been a major redevelopment of the Chinatown area which is expected to be finished in time for Chinese New Year, so that is sure to go off (Feb 14th for those who need reminding)! The Brisbane Powerhouse is turning 10 this year, so they too have an impressive line up of general amazingness including the Brisbane Comedy Festival on Feb 21st – March 23rd, The Jan Power’s Farmers Markets are on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month from 6am (just in case that talk to tropical fruit has gotten your taste buds flowing!), and The Festival of Tibet from Jan 27th-31st. Pecha Kucha is also planning on getting in on the action, launching in Brisbane with their first performance on March 24th… So as you can see there is SO much going on that The Clothing Exchange just needs to be part of all this fun! Last but in no way least, Brisbane has managed to trump all of the interstate rivals by implementing the first CityCycle sharing scheme similar to those already set up in Brussels and Seville – now that’s what we call progress!

So if you love swapping, have a flair for events, enjoy fashion, are passionate about saving the environment, and running your own events based business has been a dream of yours ….. then send The Clothing Exchange email at telling us why you would make the bestest ever host Australia has ever seen! Looking forward to hearing from you ….


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