Sydney Green Ups Swap

Hello there… yes finally, it is us… Kirsten and Suzi… The Clothing Exchange gals from Sydney.

Just want to share some news with you about what’s happening in this fabulous city and what we are doing to get the word out about The Clothing Exchange and how we are helping to preserve this beautiful planet of ours.

We have just had an amazing night on Tuesday with the Greenups crew at their regular monthly event/drinks gathering.  The topic du jour was Sustainable Fashion and there were some wonderful women speaking about what they are doing in this area. They also gave us some food for thought on how we could be more responsible in our choices with the clothing that we buy.

We provided the arena for these people to experience a clothing swap and to say that they thought it was fantastic is an understatement. Here are some quotes taken from the Greenups site.

Great funky venue, passionate speakers, captivating the audience.  And I scored a Linda Jackson bush couture bolero, while my friend picked up MY dress.

People keep admiring this “new” skirt of mine.  I’m entirely dressed by Anglicare and clothes exchanging today… which is relatively normal for me.  But it’s something of a miracle that all four articles I picked up on Tuesday fitted me perfectly!

Also wearing the swap gear – jeans thanks – and how nice to see Hill street venue….

Well done!!! in every way.  Speakers were so inspiring, the clothes, organisation, swap and the soup – delicious, simple and amazing!  I am wearing my new dress today – thank you!

We also had two large bags of clothing left over that we donated to ClothesLine which is our preferred charity for clothing donations, as all the clothing goes straight to the people who need it.  So please keep that in mind when donating clothes to any charities.

So… many many thanks to the lovely people from Greenups for the opportunity to show everyone what we do. It seems we have converted quite a few people to the benefits of swapping and we look forward to seeing many of them again at future events.

Our next public swap is on Tuesday 18th May at The Marlborough Hotel, 145 King St, Newtown.  This is a great venue and the last swap we had there was very successful.  So we hope to see you there for much fun and swapping!


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