A Year Without Shopping

Every so often we receive an email from a fellow consumption concerned citizen that just knocks us over side ways… but when Jill got in touch with us it felt as if a bus had just come along and swept us off the street entirely. This ambitious young woman has set out to challenge us in the way we consume fashion by not consuming fashion for an entire year! She’s blogging out her adventures, we particularly enjoyed her bravery in publicly announcing her love for animal prints!

She has just updated her website aswell so check it out. And don’t forget to watch her flicks as she creates shock waves through the mass media of free to air TV!

Best of luck Jill with your journey – not long now! And be sure to let us know how it all pans out for you!



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2 responses to “A Year Without Shopping

  1. thanks for the shout out! The NY Times recently did a story on ‘taming your shopping’ and the author (Eric Wilson) said that the whole “shop less” phenomenon was touching a global nerve.

    I agree.

    We’re all a little over conspicuous consumption. We want to live our lives, not spend them.

    And the great news is: it’s possible to look great and stay current without shopping your life away. As you guys here at The Clothing Exchange are so good at promoting and showing us how.

    Delighted to be connected to you guys!

  2. Oh yes, challenge us she does. For the first time, consumers will become ‘conscious’ about what they are purchasing and how they are wearing it to it’s fullest potential. Less is more! Get accessorising and you are done! Jill is brilliant at combining and accessorising to maximise here wardrobe. Keep at it Jill!

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